Schrodinger Cat ψ

It’s all so surreal

The walls around me blur,

the sky is falling down,

I am standing all still

in the middle of an ocean

so big, brimming with emotions.

Fearing it may flood too soon

destroying the land of my familiar

I shake myself to reason

Alas! A shackle on my feet

binds me to the ocean.

‘But I am not meant for you’, I say

‘Let me free’

Only to find silence in return

hasn’t it always been the answer,

I wonder and knock myself down

trapped in ‘to be, to not be’

Tears filled with fear and anxiety

floods are inevitable

Drowning in the bitter-sweet water

neither dead nor alive

A soulless body, lost yet bound

A Matsya mocks me

swimming, flying and diving

Suddenly it comes near me,

petrified I try to paddle,

horrified I close my eyes,

knowing the fate awaiting me

I ask for forgiveness,

I repent for my ignorance

I pray for protection

The Matsya laughs,

coming closer

It nibbles the shackle

but I am released

From the land,

the ocean and the sky

For I see now,

what I knew but never saw

The land is me, so is the ocean

And so is the fall.

I am flooding, I am falling, I bind myself

And faster than this thought itself

Only I remain.

It was I.

It will always be I.

Only I remains.

Everything else is Maya.


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