I came to this place four years back where many young men and women dream to be at. And believe me this is a beautiful place, a cradle for learning by making mistakes and creating wonderful relationships with extraordinary people. This is also the place where you will commit horrible mistakes and meet horrible people. But that’s the best thing about this place. It protects you within it’s green boundaries and will embrace you in health and sickness.

This place mirrors the world but only to prepare you to step out to make your dreams true. This place taught me a lot of things I would like to share. I will go in chronological order.

In my fresher year, I was a nerd only that I was not the brightest or the brighter one. I was also not the social animal and spent most of my time with myself and few old close friends. I was happy in my solitude until I started thinking or maybe over-thinking. I started questioning my capabilities and could feel a friction between what the culture dictated. My self esteem started to shake and every day I felt more out of place than ever.

In this phase of self doubt and weirdness, I had the company of a friend who was far too mature and immature for her age. We happily accepted our weirdness with this place and started to explore meaning in what looked like a mechanical and individualistic culture.

Like most times in life, change sweeps you off your feet and takes you to an island you could never have imagined  to have existed. Friend-ships get wrecked out of no reason, or maybe for or with some reason and this is lesson number one.

For any relationship of any colour and kind in this world to survive, you must confide in honesty, trust, transparency, genuine communication and above all hope. Most friendships don’t begin with these values but the ones that grow are the ones that let these values seep into the relationship over time. Friend-ship moves from I-go to We-go. I wish I knew this before, I wouldn’t have lost some great friends. I wish I knew this, I would have been smarter in making choices for my friendship than giving up on making any choice.

But this lesson is worth that loss and pain. It shows me the way when I am out of this place, when life will be much busier for friends and pressure will be too high to make more mistakes.

Other lessons in the coming post….



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