I have had worried too much about choices. The big ‘what if?’ question has followed me all the time and still does. As humans, we have become so much obsessed with making choices that we actually forget what we really want. Take for example, if I want to watch a new movie. First I will try to find the right genre, the right ratings, the right cinematography, the right story and the criteria for what’s the best never ends. I would have watched a movie by the time I have chosen one.

One behaves similarly in some or other aspects of life ranging from the right university, the right choice of majors, the right apartment, the right food(I can’t be wrong on this!) and what not. Surely a lot of times thus goes into making choices.

But what is it with this obsession?

In engineering this is a typical problem of optimization, you have got resources, you have got constraints and now you have to get the best possible ‘solutions’. The difference being that it is something to do it on a computer, and something else to do in your brain, all the time. A computational machine gives you certain number of optimal results and there you are done, you can’t go any further but when you DIY, you don’t want to stop until you bang on to the one best solution.

And that’s what this obsession is about. To get it right, to get the best, every time and just the one.

Now let me take a step back and ask you, how crucial is it to make these choices all the time?

Yes, some decisions are crucial and you have to make a conscious real choice but neither you have the option of one best choice all the time nor you have to choose between the cliff and the well all the time.

Even if one makes bad choices, it’s okay. We are humans after all. And once the road not taken is to be walked upon, pull up your sleeve and say to yourself, “This too shall pass”. And if you are really optimistic, use it as an opportunity to grow, learn and become wise.

As for the other cases are concerned, I would say life is mix of all colours, it’s just another joy to mess up and laugh on yourself for being stupid.


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