The words of yours are so deep

They cut through my train of thoughts

They make me look back and front at the same time

It’s so confusing how should I feel about you

You are such a hypocrite, and yet I am drawn to you

Such a pity, I find myself at the same place

No matter where I begin, no matter how many times

You let me drown, you let me beg to change myself

And I watch myself in an ocean of guilt

But will you see, ever would you

The wrongs your words do, the scars your impulses leave

Why do you mind so much to just be a little humane?

You see, I think like I am an animal in your civilization

But that’s only your reflection in my eyes

It’s not me, you see

And I want to chose to look away

I rather be alone but myself

Alone but not somebody I used to know

Its time I get some air to breathe





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