Shouting out loud

I bring a silent letter in noisy world before it gets lost and blurred.

There are a thousand friends who folk in herds insulting and embracing with mocking words

They walk in unison and their song is heard, proclaiming that they are masters of the world

Because they are together, always its nice, not in minds, not hearts but only in choice

The choice to cut their lives with a spade of fat balances, titles, awards and accolades

Success painted with shame, selling themselves for anything but a game

The game of space and making more, for cholesterol, locker, wardrobes and much more

No free lunches, they say, how can you be so naive?

The game is a resultant of the mean of magnitude of space, time, mass and energy, if you know what I mean

They are making true E=mc square, Einstein must be saying, “How do you dare?”

“As if one bomb was not enough to be tamed, component material and energy balance should be maintained”

Their noise has baked my ears, the noise of advertisements selling fear in the name of Clinic All Clear!

The noise of information that haunts me in day-mares, if redundancy is what you want to know, analyse various Facebook shares

The noise that disturbs me the most is the noise of the wallflower in the herd, the same herd I mentioned in the passing word

The world is not what they think, the world is not what I think

The world is not this, the world is not that and I get lost in this immaterial combat

To make my place, to run my race, to walk to walk at my pace, to just look at a human FACE

But I fear I won’t a get a chance as the nerds are busy typing out the code, to make sure that your YouTube video uploads

And other’s are busy checking out that video you upload, I sit right next to you to grab your attention feeling chilled and cold

I am the wallflower who loves being a wallflower, but surprisingly you make it so easier to be a wall but not a flower

For humanity is a Bryophyllum needing air, water, soil and most importantly a LEAF to see the light of the world

There ain’t any leaves

Maybe there can be one if your cell drains out, it might pump you up!


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